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New Job…Sort Of

Dear Mum,

I dropped Josh off at school this morning and spent a bit of time playing with him and a few of his friends with the Play-Doh. They all started off cutting letters out, then Joshua and Ryder both rolled some snakes out, before it was time to pack up and I left.

I went to the library to drop off a couple of books, including the enormous dinosaur one Josh and I read to the end before I took him in, as per the picture. I popped to the shop and bought a few things as we needed some milk and Deanne wanted to do some baking tonight.

After I got home I started doing some of Richard’s work. It took me a bit to get my head round what I was meant to be doing but then I got into the swing of things and managed to get a rhythm going. I worked until lunchtime then took a break, heated up the last of my sausage rolls and watched an episode of Futurama while I ate.

Got back to the academia after finishing, then worked until it was time to pick the boy up.

I packed a little box with some dried apricots, sultanas and nutri grain (wheaty cereal that goes nicely with the fruit) along with a drink and we went to the ‘other’ playground at the other side of Bibra Lake. Joshua calls it “The Big One”, because it’s bigger than both the others, surprisingly enough.

Fusilli with bolognese sauce and garlic bread for dinner, then to bed for Joshua, quite early tonight, which is good because he’s been pretty tired the last few days. Deanne is making cupcakes as I write.

Tomorrow will be more of the same apart from it’s Tuesday, so Deanne takes Joshy in to kindy.



Library Book

Library Book