Tea at Julie’s

Dear Mum,

Wednesday is, of course, Joshy/Nana day, however Deanne and I were invited over for dinner. A lovely roast dinner with Yorkshire puddings, very tasty. I was apparently quite hungry as I finished mine, put down my knife and fork and then looked up to find everyone else was still eating.

I’m on earlies this week, so I’m a little tired. On the bright side I do tend to be home in time to go pick Josh up and e.g. Go to gymnastics with he and Dee.

We went to see the Foo Fighters on Sunday night. As ever they were fantastic, I even did a review on my writing ‘blog. Talking of which, I seem to be doing rather a lot of writing for various things, but I’m loving it!

I’m sure lots of other exciting things have been happening lately too, but getting up at five in the morning isn’t conducive to a good memory so I’ll try and remember for next time.

The picture was taken last Friday after Josh got his Wow Box toy, which he’s waving about after doing his Uncle Richard world animal puzzle, all by himself. Not an easy puzzle!



Puzzle Time

Puzzle Time

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One response to “Tea at Julie’s

  • Mum

    HI Dan

    Josh looks like a proper little Aussie in his sleeveless vest… wish it was warm enough to wear such gear here!!!!

    I was supposed to see my GP thismorning but the visit was cancelled as he is ill!! I have to have my blood pressure assessed in case I have to go on pills. I am having a blood test – a bit like a car service – for the other old-age stuff (kidney function etc.

    Keep up with the writing – you have a real talent

    love mum xxxx

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