New Goggles

Dear Mum,

Just wanted to say “hi”, we’re okay just incredibly busy! Thought I should tell you what’s been going on a bit…

Josh is having a great time at school, he seems to have settled in really well and is starting to recognise the other kids in his class, even if he doesn’t know any of their names yet. Although when I dropped him off at pre-school care on Friday another boy from his class was there, it was Harry, who we met at the very beginning of last year but haven’t really seen since. Joshua made an amusing face with a gum nut and Harry thought it was funny, so hopefully they might get to know each other.

He’s also loving the gymnastics and swimming lessons, he is trying to take it all quite seriously, however the way it usually turns out is with him laughing and either falling over (gymnastics) or getting a mouthful of water. But he is definitely improving, he now just splutters a bit after an immersion, rather than wiping his face for a couple of minutes and coughing.

Deanne’s job finally finishes in a week or two, she is a bit nervous but looking forward to getting back into academia. Can’t remember if we’ve actually told you about that, I’ll fill you in next time we Skype.

Personally I’ve been quite busy doing all sorts of different writing things, there is the new ‘blog I’m contributing to at There is also the writing ‘blog at on which I recently published a Competition to identify the Twitter accounts for the six characters from my book, the winner gets a free copy of my book.

I’ve also started writing two new books, the one I mentioned about Diabetes, and the other one about the Vampire, both are progressing nicely, although not as fast as I would hope, but that’s what happens when you have a life!

Gotta go, it’s bed time and we’re all tired after a day watching some Giants, going to a swimming lesson and generally having a lot of fun.

The picture is of Josh in his new goggles, which actually fit him!



New Goggles

New Goggles

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One response to “New Goggles

  • Mum

    Hi Dan We are really busy here too. Dad’s business revolves around his fishing trips and website and mine around the Worth volume. This involves writing every afternoon and most mornings having someone visit me (with more information) and trips out to Dorchester Museum or something similar. Yesterday we went to Dorchester – it absolutely poured and I was in a hurry to get back home – so much so that I brought the museum library cabinet keys with me!. Had to go back again today to return them!! Its Ben’ and Gabby’s birthdays this week 15 and 18 apiece. Look forward to catching up on the news via skype love mum xxxx

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