Some More Pictures

Dear Mum,

A few more pictures to keep you going, while I’m busy working on marketing my book.

The first one is from Happy Zoo Year and is a painted dog. Because it was a bit later than normal when we got to look round it meant the animals were more active, so the dogs were up and about and investigating things.

The other two pictures are from when we went to Riverton with Julie and Rick, to watch the new year’s day fireworks. We got there fairly early and Josh wanted a swim, so he put on his bathers and went and splashed about in the river for a good half hour. We took a picnic tea with us and ate that, after which bands started playing, which explains the ear defenders! We had a really nice time and the cover bands were actually pretty good, you’d have enjoyed them.

I’m off work on Wednesday to look after Joshua, no Nana this week. Then he’s spending Thursday AND Friday at day-care, so he’s likely to be shattered on Friday night/Saturday.

Hope you and ToF are having fun with Rich/Ana/Jasmine.



A Painted Dog

A Painted Dog


Joshua, Sitting in the Water

Joshua, Sitting in the Water


Ear Defenders

Ear Defenders


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