Gifts Galore

Dear Mum,
I thought I’d send you a few pictures of some of the things we’ve been doing since Christmas, firstly Joshua starting to build his first Lego present, a fishing boat (I can’t help telling him about his Great Granddad Jim when we’re playing with boats!). He had a large hand in finding the right bricks, looking at the plans and helping to put it together. I was very impressed.

Second picture is the boat, complete and floating in the bath at bath time. He very much enjoyed lowering the fishing rods and catching the Lego fish, Dad would have been impressed.

The third picture is of the boy flying through the air with the greatest of ease. He went up-diddley-up-up, he went down-diddley-down-down! We built the trampoline on boxing day and he has been on it at least once a day since then. he has even invented some moves of his own, including one called a face-head-splat, which does pretty much what it says on the packet, face first into the trampoline.

Last is a slightly lower quality pic’ of us today in Nana’s swimming pool, the weather was incredibly hot and I was sent home from work slightly early because the air-conditioning was broken and the inside of the building got up to about 35°C. I got home, changed into my bathers and Deanne picked me up and took me to her Mum’s house where Joshua was already splashing about, with Julie, in the pool. The temperature reached about 40° today so it was nice in the water.

Julie cooked a nice tea for us, and Donna, who is leaving tomorrow. Josh is staying tonight so he can go to the airport with them in the morning to say goodbye.

Tomorrow is new year’s eve, I’ll tell you about what we’re doing for it afterwards because it sounds like an exciting night.



Building a Boat

Building a Boat

The Boat, Built

The Boat, Built

The Boy, Bouncing

The Boy, Bouncing

...Sorry, Can't Alliterate This One!

…Sorry, Can’t Alliterate This One!


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