Dear Mum,

As you can imagine it’s been a pretty busy few weeks, even the weekend was crazy.

On Friday Deanne went out with the Mum’s from Kindy for an Xmas meal, so Joshua and I went to get some fish and chips, which we ate at the playground at Riverton. During Daycare he had actually taken part in some facepainting (for the first time ever) so I thought I better capture it for posterity, which is the first picture.

Joshua seemed more interested in playing on the playground than eating his chips and potato scallops, but eventually he did take some time out from his busy schedule to have dinner. The second picture is of him looking through the spyglass at the park, this was after we had eaten and we played together for a bit, ho didn’t get to bed until about 9 o’clock.

On Saturday I did what remained of my pre-Christmas, Christmas shopping. I’ll send the UK contingent’s stuff out in the new year. Then I met with Deanne and Josh at the shopping centre at Success, I turned up just in time to stop at Miss Maude’s for a drink and a cake, which was nice. Then we did our food shopping and came home. It was super busy at the shops, but I still have a bit of a disconnect going in my head about Christmas being three days away because it’s sunny and hot!

On Sunday we had an impromptu trip to the Zoo, most of the animals were laying about relaxing, although it wasn’t such a hot day as a few lately, we’ve been up to the high thirties a couple of times. The best picture I got was probably the third one below of the Koala having a bit of a kip.

My final, slightly exciting, news is that I’ve actually got round to publishing my book on Amazon. If you or ToF want it I’ll chuck you a copy of the finished one straight to your Kindles, but if you happen to get a chance tell Rich he can even buy it in Brazil by going to the Brazilian Amazon website and searching for Dan Ladle. The cover of the book is the fourth picture, although I’ve updated it since I did that one but it hasn’t shown up on the site yet!



Rudolph the Red Nosed Joshua

Rudolph the Red Nosed Joshua

Captain Joshua

Captain Joshua

A Koala

A Koala

Jump by Dan Ladle

Jump by Dan Ladle

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One response to “Jump

  • Mum

    Hi Dan Arrived safely on Thursday and immediately left for Forteleza – three days of beach parties!!! Got back yesterday and we go off this afternoon for more parties and an overnight stay in a hotel in Maceió. I think that its Xmas tomorrow but cannot be sure!!. We will not get back until late afternoon as we are attending a Xmas lunch somewhere or other. It is VERY strange altogether – like Perth it is very hot – 30 to 40 degrees Rich will search for Jump Merry Xmas to all love mum and dad xxxxxxx

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