Snowflakes Aren’t Falling On Our Heads

Dear Mum,
I’m on call this week so keeping it short and sweet.
Joshua finishes his first year at school tomorrow, and what a year! He’s taking in some cards for his friends and might be meeting up with a few of them over the summer holidays.
That still feels weird, breaking up for the summer holidays…and Christmas!!! Barbecues all round.
He also did his last gymnastics lesson of the year today, but will be starting again in 2015, as well as being enrolled to start swimming lessons. He’s going to be super busy.
Deanne is working hard to get her business off the ground, while she’s not at work on a Monday and Tuesday, and I’m still figuring out what to do at work, as well as getting closer each day to publishing my book.
I’ve also been making some Xmas decorations as we left all ours in the UK. The one you can see below is an Ewok, from Return of the Jedi.


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