(Not) A Long Weekend

Dear Mum,
So much happening at the moment I don’t know where to start! You can tell I’m busy ’cause I have almost 40 unread emails in my PERSONAL email, which is unheard of. I usually read through them as I get them!
It was, of course, Deanne’s birthday at the weekend. We went to the cafe at Point Walter for lunch with all her family, Joshua played for a while before everyone arrived then we ate. The food was lovely, we’ll take you there when you come over.
Dee got lots of lovely things for her birthday, including the “wooly [sic] thing that goes round your neck” that Joshy told her about.
On Sunday we went over to Jackson’s house in the afternoon, had drinks and nibbles and chatted to Jackson and his wife and two of their other friends who were there. Josh played with the four kids (two each couple) who weed there and got to decorate some cookies Rachel had made.
This week has flown past so far. Had an interesting meeting at work today but I’ll tell you about it next time we Skype. Tomorrow I’m starting early as we’re going on a boat ride in Mandurah in the evening.


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