I Survived

Dear Mum,
Well, I survived my first week on call! It was hard going at times, but I survived. So tonight I can turn the mobile off and just sleep, without worrying about having to answer a call at three in the morning. Not that it actually happened, but expecting that is quite stressful in itself!
Before breakfast this morning Joshua “found” a toy from a Kinder Egg, that Nana had bought him yesterday. He opened the plastic egg up, built it and started sticking on the stickers all by himself. I was very impressed, so I took a photo.
This weekend we have to shop, tomorrow afternoon we’re going to the Swan Valley to see what we can find. Sunday is Penny’s 5th birthday party and Deanne’s great great aunt Chrissie’s 90th. So that’ll be a busy one.


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One response to “I Survived

  • Mum

    Dear Dan I told you hears ago that the boy was a genius!!!!! I’ve had a very busy few days… our archaeology society meeting on Wednesday, advice session with one of my diggers yesterday morning, talk about Druce last night and then this morning did a talk in Blandford on early Wareham. We stayed in Blandford for lunch – I had the most delicious spicy sweet potato soup served with the cheesiest scone/muffin ever – it was totally wonderful. We got home about 3pm and then went over to my archaeology store at Corfe Castle only to find that someone had left a hose running and the floor was a couple of inches deep in water!!! Luckily all my boxes were on shelves – but what a mess – thankfully not my problem. We then went on to West Holme for dad to retrieve the salmon fishermen’s logbook from their ‘hut’ by the river Frome. Luckily we both had wellies on – it was a bit damp!!! I am out early tomorrow to go to Wimborne for the day – four of us are going to try to sort out the Roman iron work from the villa. The museum there have given us the loan of a large room for the day. Enjoy your weekend – may speak on Sunday if you have the time lots of love mum xxxx

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