Zoo Excursion

Dear Mum,

By all accounts all the kids were very well behaved on the kindy/pre-primary trip to the Zoo today. The little ‘uns went on a bus and Dee drove her car, taking a couple of the other Mums with her. Deanne got to look after Josh and one other boy. Joshy seemed to enjoy it, they even all sat for an hour in the afternoon and listened to a talk. Whether that was due to them being interested or being tired out after stomping round the Zoo for several hours I don’t know.

As for me, work was pretty good today, although I had to take a short lunch again, so I could pick up my box of infusion sets from the post office in Canning Vale. I then got a call, just before I’d finished making tea and had to help someone out who couldn’t get into the work systems on his new personal laptop. Sorted it just in time to say hello to you on the Skype and then we ate. Got Josh ready for bed, read him “how to unbounce a Tigger”, from The House at Pooh Corner, which he thought was funny, then did my ironing.

Nearly bedtime now, so I’ll sign off with a picture of Snuggles relaxing on one of the boxes we have in the sitting room at the moment while we’re sorting out the fourth bedroom.



Snuggles on a Box

Snuggles on a Box

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One response to “Zoo Excursion

  • Mum

    Hi Dan Lovely to catch up with Josh’s exciting day at the zoo – we had an exciting ‘upside down’ conversation! He seems to spend a lot of time with his head on the ground and his feet in the air!! First meeting went well this morning – now I have to fill in a very long and complicated grant form. This afternoon Sue is coming around, principally to sort out some archaeology but quite importantly to catch up on the gossip as I haven’t seen her since we packed the villa up. Dad has just popped out to get the paper – the I is very good value at 30p. Spoke to Rich, Ana and Jasmine this morning so have done well on the family front. Both big brothers are away – Paul is in Sussex with Kim at her new house and Marc is in China. love mum xxxx

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