Fossil Maker

Dear Mum,

I had an early day today, partly because I’m on call this week and thought I’d make the most of the fact I was working anyway, more or less, but also so I could get home early enough to go to Joshy’s Gymnastics class with him and Deanne.

I arrived at about five o’clock, and got on with handling a bunch of jobs which had built up, while I was dealing with the network outage in Melbourne that I spent the better part of the weekend sorting out. The rest of the day was a mixed bag of new stuff and thing I’ve already encountered.

I got home in plenty of time to walk over to Joshua’s school and meet Dee as she arrived. Joshua is still doing dinosaurs at school and he brought out a fossil he had made of a stegosaurus skeleton, as you can see below.

Gymnastics was really good, he was the first of his group there and toddled off to sit down with the teacher while they were waiting to start. It was brilliant seeing him do the different exercises, like working on the bar, doing star jumps and attempting cartwheels. It made me feel quite emotional! He was very good.

It’s his day out tomorrow at kindy so I’ll find out how it went and try and write to you if I get a chance. Not quite such an early start for tomorrow, although I need to pick up some parcels from the sorting office (diabetes supplies), so I can’t leave too late in the afternoon.



Fossil Stegosaurus

Fossil Stegosaurus

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One response to “Fossil Maker

  • Mum

    Hi Dan Memories of you as a little boy and so good and bouncy at gymnastics!!! Loved the fossil – Josh really has a scientific eye – looks just like the American badlands!!! Another grey day here – quite mild though. Dad and I popped to the Galton garden centre at Owermoigne after lunch and bought a ‘leaf rake’ – a special wide, high rake for gathering up leaves – which accumulate to a horrendous degree outside the front door and in the front garden. Dad saves them and makes them into compost. Just heard that the Blandford fly treatment will go ahead next year – it was touch and go on whether it would go ahead or not. love mum xxxx

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