Dear Mum,
My first night on call last night, I got two calls, both from the same bloke. One was about a printer issue then, a couple of hours later, the sites whole network connection had gone down.
So far I’ve spent about three or four hours on getting it sorted, and it’s still not fixed!
Apart from that we went to the turning on of the City Xmas lights last night. There were people dressed up, singing and dancing. Joshua loved it, he had a look of stunned amazement on his face for the whole thing.
Today Deanne and I have been cleaning and tidying, with help from the boy. The house is starting to look almost presentable. Tomorrow we’re going to start on the spare room, which is still full of empty boxes, random things we haven’t unpacked and Joshy’s Xmas presents. It’s likely to take rather a long time!
Hope you like the picture of Santa in shorts!



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One response to “Housework

  • Mum

    Hi Dan Santa looks really excited about upcoming Xmas!!! We too will be celebrating in shorts!!!! Lovely to talk to you all today – especially seeing Josh enjoy his bath – so good he didn’t want to come out! Didn’t do any housework last weekend as we were away, so need to crack on tomorrow. As usual, its really only my office which is a mess. I’m getting on with the Druce villa report and dad is watching something ‘green’ on tv – its rained too much recently for any fishing and the garden is also a bit too soggy to do much work. Went into the uni this week to pick up some books – I have to mug up on Roman ironwork – never thought that I’d be so fascinated with so many varieties of rusty nails!!! much love, mum xxxx

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