Dear Mum,

Just having my lunch break at work so thought I’d write a few words.

The park we went to on Sunday was really good, it had a water play area and a few playgrounds. I don’t know if you can see from the attached picture but there was also a pond which had long necked turtles in it. Joshua had a great time running into and out of the water fountains and sprays, Deanne and I sat and watched him from a safe distance. We took a packed lunch which had salad, fruit, home-made biscuits (courtesy of Deanne) sausage rolls and fruit and chocolate rolls (courtesy of me), lots of water and a couple of cans of coke.

After Josh got changed we walked around the pond and went to a couple of other play areas, then walked back to the car (with Josh starting to say “my legs are getting tired”), then went to IKEA to get some cutlery to go with the outdoor crockery we bought a while back.

The temperature got up to about 39°, but thankfully we managed to stay in the shade for most of the day.

Deanne has put her name down to help with the Zoo trip planned by Josh’s school next week. Funnily enough most of her days off lately seem to have been spent at the zoo!

The other picture is of some of the trees in the park which I thought you and ToF might like to see.



Long Necked Turtle

Long Necked Turtle


Spring Trees

Spring Trees

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One response to “Park

  • Mum

    Hi Dan I’m quite envious looking at your park photos and contemplating the grey, wet garden view from my window. Really looking forward to seeing Western Australia in your spring next year. Needless to say dad and I are also looking forward to our trip to hot Brazil – it will certainly make the winter seem shorter. I put an ‘appropriate’ amount of money in your UK account yesterday for Deanne’s birthday and have just written out her card which I will post later this week. I have a busy couple of days ahead – tonight I’m giving a talk up in Shaftesbury (an hours drive) and tomorrow have an appointment at Bournemouth Uni with a PhD student who is working on some of my pottery. Next week have five talks to give, mostly on Druce but also on Early Wareham and Pompeii Much love, mum xxxxx

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