Eating Out(side)

Dear Mum,

Thank goodness it’s the weekend! We had a slight lie in, getting up at about seven o’clock but had to get ready and go shopping first thing, as we were totally out of various things, not least of which was dishwasher tablets and ice cream.

We got home at about half ten but then had to race to Garden City as we had a date to meet up with Gemma, who is over, very briefly, from Sydney for her Big Nana’s 90th birthday party this weekend. We went to Miss Maud’s, a Swedish café selling various tasty cakes and sweets, including a chocolate éclair, which is exactly what I had. Josh had a marshmallow santa face, Deanne had a chocolate bombe thing and Gemma’s was a lemon cake. There was also a lot of talking and catching up to be done, Joshua was particularly well behaved, although towards the end of the time I did have to lend him my phone to allow him to amuse himself with the Cbeebies app.

Josh and I came home and had cheese sandwiches (I told him the old “why will you never be hungry at the beach – because of the sand-which-is there” joke, which he thought about for quite some time), but Deanne skipped lunch as the cake had been enough for her, she went out and picked her Mum up and they went back to Garden City together so Dee could choose her birthday presents and Julie could buy them. By all accounts they had quite a good time.

When she got back we put one of the chairs from our new table in the car to take back to Bunnings, it was broken when it arrived so we gave it back and took one of the ones which was on display. They did try to offer us one they had in the store room but it was a slightly different design and so we explained that it would be a bit weird to have nine identical chairs and one different one!

After that we tried to go to IKEA to get some cutlery to go with our plastic crockery (is that a misnomer?). However we arrived at five on the dot and discovered, much to our consternation, that five is when it shuts on a Saturday. Rubbish!

I took a picture of the table, from where I was sitting for tea tonight as I was digesting and Dee and Josh had popped inside the house. I made a cheesy tomato pasta which everyone seemed to enjoy. Joshy and I also had some of the aforesaid ice cream for pudding.

Tomorrow we’re going to do some Joshua things, as so far the weekend has been a bit adult oriented. We’ll probably try and Skype if we’re in at the right time.



Our Outdoor Table

Our Outdoor Table

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