Dear Mum,

Another busy day at work, I’ve been helping people fix broken files, writing VBScript to turn things on and off and generally making myself useful. I’ve brought my work laptop home tonight as I’m at a course tomorrow and need to take it with me. It’s so big it only just fits in the carry case I used to easily fit our ancient 17″ machine into!

Josh had an “incursion” at school today. As far as I could work out from his explanation it was a band that came and played to all the kids, we had to sign a form to say it was okay for him to go, so I’m assuming the kindy kids had to leave their enclosure to go to it. He told me there was a man playing a guitar and two women playing a violin and “one of those things that sounds like a marshmallow – which turned out to be a cello! They all had to sit on mats on the floor and watch the performance, he said that it was good…high praise indeed.

He got to bring home one of the things that was hung on the wall in class today, as you can see.





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