You’ve Got To Turn The Magic On!

Dear Mum,

Today we went out and bought a table! An outdoor one so we can sit outside and eat and have guests over too. It should be delivered on Wednesday afternoon, I’ll send you a picture when it arrives.

I also seem to have been bitten by some small creature, however the bites have swollen up and gone all red, plus one on my shoulder has kind of spread a couple of inches down my front. I went to see the pharmacy this evening and she gave me some antihistamine tablets, then told me to go see the doctors if they get any worse. Hopefully they won’t.

ToF will probably mention that we called, to tell a slightly amusing story. I don’t know if you recall the childrens TV program Tree Fu Tom? It’s a kind of adventure where this kid shrinks down small, then does a dance to make his magic work. A bit freaky but Josh used to like it, even though he would never…ever…ever get up and dance along with the actions! Anyway we’ve been recording Dinosaur train on ABC4Kids and it catches a few minutes of Tree Fu Tom as well. I was hanging the washing out when this came on, after putting a recorded Dinosaur Train on for the boy. Deanne was making dinner and heard the TFT music come on, then a couple of minutes later she heard Tom starting to do his “turn the magic on” dance (as per the video, below) she also heard some movements coming from the sitting room.

She looked through the doorway and saw Joshua, turning the magic on, move for move. Apparently, even though he has always been really funny about getting up and joining in, he seems to know all the movements and words, off by heart. However he only seems to do them in secret when no-one is watching. I put another Dinosaur Train on for him afterwards, then peeked round the door when I heard the music come on. He was doing the dance again, he looked so cute, it was amazing!

We’ll Skype tomorrow and tell you all about my bites, the table and what being on-call is going to consist of for me.




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