Small Hallows Eve

Dear Mum,

Had quite a good day at work today, I feel pretty settled now and have just been added to the on-call schedule, my first go is in a couple of weeks. A little nerve wracking but I might just actually go to work really early and finish really early. It’ll mean I can go with Deanne to pick the boy up and accompany them to Gymnastics classes.

We had potato scallops and chips for tea, which were very nice. Joshua was very talkative tonight and was coming out with lots of those long, rambling sentences where it takes him five minutes to get to the point. Daddy’s boy!

There was a Halloween disco on at Joshua’s school tonight, but with Josh’s seemingly innate fear of dressing up in public we thought it would be best not to try and force him to go. I feel a bit bad though, because a lot of his friends have pictures on Facebook and it looks like a good percentage of his class went. But I suspect if we’d have tried to dress him up for it he would have freaked out. 😦 Maybe next year!?

We’re doing a bit of shopping tomorrow, possibly buying an outdoor table for the verandah, and possibly going to visit Olive who hasn’t been well this last week. She seems to be better now though.

The picture is of our no longer agoraphobic cat, who has taken to laying in the sun during the early evening. Funnily enough we found a few bits of lizards strewn around in the same area just last week!



Snugs, In The Sun

Snugs, In The Sun


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One response to “Small Hallows Eve

  • Mum

    Hi Dan Dressing up freaks me out as well……regarding the rambling – I’m afraid you take after me… Really pleased that you are settling in at work, I’m sure that the ‘call outs’ will be fine. Its unseasonably hot here today, nearly 70 degrees F, I am very overdressed in my heavy jeans and winter shirt! All in all its been a warm October, winter must be just around the corner though. Dad has gone fishing up the river , he’s had some good trips recently. I have to gather myself together to fill in a grant application for money for carbon dating – would much rather be out ‘doing’.. I am speaking at another conference tomorrow – the Romans in Dorset. Druce Villa is very popular!! mAYBE SPEAK ON sUNDAY LOTS OF LOVE, MUM XXXXX

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