Party(s) Time

Dear Mum,
Sorry I’ve been quiet, as you can imagine I’m still recovering from working five days a week!
Our weekend was really good, on Saturday we did some bits of shopping, washing and tidying. Sunday was spent at the zoo, hence the picture of the tree kangaroo!
Joshua is still loving doing dinosaurs at school, the second picture is him wearing the dinosaur hat he made.
Yesterday an email was sent out for my work Xmas party. It’s an evening do at Adventure World, a water park with roller coasters, etc. near our old house at Bibra Lake. Joshua is VERY excited! …and he doesn’t even know yet that a new dinosaur themed bit is meant to be opening a couple of days before the party.
Deanne’s birthday weekend is also looking a bit on the hectic side. There is a film night, hosted by Joshy’s school on the Friday night. Either Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, The Lego Movie or Rio 2. All of which meet with Joshua’s exacting standards. On the Saturday we’re having a family get together at a café near the river. Then Sunday is the Tyco (where Rick works) Xmas party, which we’ve also been invited to.
Last night I went to our local pub to meet up with one of the guys from my writing group. He and I are being handed the reins by the outgoing chairperson/boss man. We chatted for a couple of hours, had a couple of pints, and came up with a whole bunch of ideas for how to proceed.
Gotta go now, nearly bed time.



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One response to “Party(s) Time

  • Mum

    Hi Dan Gosh you are all so busy – I would be exhausted!!! I will send some cash for Deanne’s birthday (in plenty of time) I have just come back from the dentist – an emergency filling. I had flaked almonds on my yogurt yesterday and thought it was a bit of almond – but it was filling!!! It is the front tooth and the bottom corner is chipped, thin and flaky and the filling covers everything up nicely. Didn’t need an injection and the whole procedure only took five minutes. Cost me £50 though. Weather is very mild, enjoying not wearing a coat – but no doubt not for long!! love mum xxxx

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