Early Days

Dear Mum,
I’ve been trying to get to work good and early the last couple of days, a 7:15 start and 3/4 of an hour lunch means I can set off for home at four and be home before five. It’s quite nice to spend a bit of time doing housework before tea, so I have less to do in the evenings.
Joshua is having a great time at school at the moment as the theme for this term is…Dinosaurs!!! Deanne got told yesterday that he was correcting the teacher’s pronunciation and telling them about the different prehistoric behemoths. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall for that.
The picture is of one of his pieces of schoolwork that he brought home today. His writing is coming on leaps and bounds, so much so that his teacher told him that she could see he’d been practicing at home.
I’m dropping the boy off at Julie’s in the morning then heading to work, so it’ll be a slightly later start tomorrow.
Nearly forgot, I’ve also been asked to help run my writers group, which is nice. Suspect I’ll mainly end up creating a website for it, but it’s quite nice that I’m considered worthy of being a part of the committee/quorum/argument.
I also attended a talk last night by the guy who is (amongst other things) the editor/writer for the literary supplement in the Weekend West, the Perth weekend newspaper, more or less. It was about writing and how to get into doing it as a job. It was very good and gave me some interesting ideas!


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One response to “Early Days

  • Mum

    Hi Dan Tell Josh that Grandad and I were very impressed with his dinosaur work, particularly liked the colouring in. His teacher will be coming to him for advice next!!! Yesterday went up to Druce to finish covering the site. There were nine of us and it took all of us to keep the terram covering in place and cover it with stones to weight it down. It blew a gale and was quite tricky!! I have done two talks over the last few days – the one in Somerset was on Druce, last night I went to Weymouth to talk about the tobacco pipe maker (who married a Weymouth woman) and who was transported to Sydney for stealing in 1834. He ended up in Newcastle (NSW) and left 5 children here in poverty and had a new family down under – if you meet anyone called Moore or Moores ask them about their ancestors!!! Saw the optician this morning – my eyesight has apparently hugely improved since my last visit, so much so that my long-distance vision is now normal. This of course means new lenses for my specs – I will have new ones put in the present frames but is still costing £180. lots of love mum xxxxx

    Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2014 13:08:24 +0000 To: lilianladle@hotmail.com

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