The Park Of Kings

Dear Mum,

Deanne just commented that I look really tired, so I’ll keep this short!

We went to Kings Park today as a new (refurbished) part has opened with a playground. We went quite early, which is lucky as this afternoon it chucked it down as if the end was nigh. We also walked (cycled in Joshua’s case) to the café and had a drink and a cake.

The park had a sort of cage the kids could climb into, a maze of corrugated iron and, of course, some fantastic plants to see as we walked back and forth. I’ve included four pictures, two of Josh playing, one of a kangaroo paw we saw and then one of Josh this afternoon near tea time (after a nap).



Josh, Crossing The Log Bridge

Josh, Crossing The Log Bridge


Josh In The Maze

Josh In The Maze


A Kangaroo Paw

A Kangaroo Paw


Tired Boy

Tired Boy

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