Day Two

Dear Mum,
At the end of my second day I’m quite tired! The first day mainly consisted of being shown around the warehouse and setting up my computer and account.
The guys I’m working with are both from Brazil, Fil and Gui. So I have a (nother) Type 1 boss and two Brazilian co-workers. Freaky!
Gotta go to bed but I’ll leave you with a picture from the weekend.



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Part Man, Part Machine, All Diabetic. 1 Wife, 1 Son, 1 Daughter, 1 Cat, 1 Insulin Pump, Type 1 Diabetic, Writer, Musician, Web-Monkey, Idiot. View all posts by Dan Ladle

One response to “Day Two

  • Mum

    Hi Dan Kept wondering how you were going…the world it seems is full of diabetics and Brazilians!!! I am ploughing through the huge ‘count and weigh’ of all this season’s finds – I can hardly move in my office (and the garage). Once its done I can offload stuff to various people and take the rest up to the farm. It really is an incentive to get it done!!! I am now in my winter clothes (socks, jumpers and thick jeans) – dinners are getting more ‘wintry too – its chilli tonight – dad’s favourite. I have made a coffee and walnut cake for afters – it is delicious (we’ve already had a little bit!!) Its Marc and Linda’s birthdays this week (19th and 16th) we are giving them some money for a posh meal out and are staying overnight with Ben while they have a night away Lots of love xxxxx

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