A New Job

Dear Mum,

It’s the school holidays this week so Josh is staying at Nana’s house tonight instead of tomorrow. Yesterday was a bank holiday so Deanne and I did some washing and ironing, I built Josh’s new drawers, Bob came over for a bit and we also watched Episode V (as Joshua calls it), or The Empire Strikes Back as it’s more generally known. He really enjoyed it and so did I. It’s my favourite one!

Today I dropped him off at Julie’s, on the way to work. I spent most of today redoing the website for the company. I’m trying to get everything ready for when I leave, as I start my new job on the 13th of October. I confirmed the start day with Penny’s Dad today. Not sure how I feel about the whole thing but I’m sure it’ll work out okay.

While I was getting ready Josh did some cutting out, colouring and sticking, which is what the picture is below.



Arty Boy

Arty Boy


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