Tea At Nana’s

Dear Mum,

Snuggles went out first thing this morning but hadn’t come back by the time I went out to drop Joshua off at Nana’s house, which meant I had to drive back to let him in before I could go to work. I called out the back door (which is where I took the picture) and the laundry door, but he was nowhere to be seen. So I decided he could stay out for the day and opened the front door to get in my car. He was sat outside the flyscreen miaowing and wanting to be in, so I gave him a stroke on the head and went to work.

Most of the morning I was logged onto a server trying to get their internal website to work. However it proved too much for me and I had to pass it over to Jason to look at. In the afternoon I went to somebody’s house to look at a hard drive that was failing, but it turned out to be beyond repair so I had to take it back to the office to try and copy the data onto another one.

Got home at spot on half five and changed, then Deanne picked me up and we went to Julie’s for tea, a roast dinner, very nice, followed by a sticky date pudding with ice cream and then some chocolate cake. Think I may need a run tomorrow! Olive was there too and Joshua, obviously. The poor little thing (Josh, not Olive) was tired out and I think he’s feeling a bit peaky. He was quite clingy and wanted to sit on my knee and cuddle me between courses, we were a bit worried he would want to come home with us after seven weeks of no Nana, but he went for his bath and got in to bed without any worries. We all got a kiss and a cuddle, then he went off to sleep.

Tomorrow is a free day so I’m going to work on Richard’s project, need to pick Joshy up in the afternoon so Julie can go out to bowling in the evening.



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One response to “Tea At Nana’s

  • Mum

    Hi Dan If you need to speak to Rich – he is now here!!! The ‘entourage’ arrived about 5.45 last night – and yes, the house now looks as though a mini-bomb has hit!!! Everyone was well, considering the 24 hour journey and tucked into tea of bass fish cakes and salad followed by yonanas ice cream. It’s now 8.30 am, Rich is up, but the girls are still in bed. I have to go to work in an hour. I have to go in tomorrow and then we are all having a week off. However, I have three talks to do (Saturday, Monday and Wednesday) plus two evening committee meetings which I cannot get out of. I’m supposed to be retired!!! Much love, mum xxxxxxxxxxxx

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