Techie Stuff

Dear Mum,

Work today was pretty good, I went to a site and actually had to take a PC to pieces to find out what was wrong with it. Turned out the power switch had come loose so it wouldn’t start up. I fixed it, went back to the office then got on with some website editing for the business.

However the best bit of today was when I got a call from Deanne to say that her boss had called her into his office, where he had offered her a slightly different role to fill in for someone who’s left. It means she’ll get to stay at the zoo just a little bit longer, and hopefully long enough to find a slightly more permanent (and more part time!) position.

I got home to a lovely pasta bake that Deanne had made, an interesting recipe that included a tin of tomato soup and torn up pieces of bread. Tasty.

We’re getting on with the packing and the house is slowly receding into multiple boxes, hopefully everything’ll be ready by moving day.

I also wrapped a present for a certain someone, which I’ll be posting in the next few days. I took a photo so you know what to look for when it arrives and don’t accidentally open it before the big day.

Tomorrow I’m dropping Josh off at Julie’s then she’s taking him to school and picking him up, then he’s staying over at hers, we’ve been invited over for tea, so it should be a nice relaxing evening for us.



Mum's Present

Mum’s Present


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One response to “Techie Stuff

  • Mum

    Hi Dan Phew, what a day…Excellent but exhausting!! The god of archaeology, Sir Barry Cunliffe came to visit the site. I had 20 volunteers out and the sun shone – it was perfect. We have a very important site with some extraordinary archaeology and it is being dug impeccably!!! Rich, Ana and Jasmine arrive tomorrow at teatime so another exciting day. We are putting £50 into your bank account for your very special birthday – are you going to have a party? Good news about Deanne’s job offer – hope that a permanent post comes up soon, but it is a good omen that the zoo want to keep her on Will mail you a picture from today love mum xxxxxxxxx

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