New Shoes

Dear Mum,
Not a bad day today. The morning and the first part of the afternoon were spent getting grid references for my big brother.
I picked Joshua up at three and the two of us went to the bank, to get a bankers cheque made our to pay the bond on the new house. Then we went to meet Dee at the estate agents, so we could sign all the paperwork.
Headed to the shops after that to grab some staples (not literally! Bread, milk, that kind of thing). While we were there Deanne also saw some shoes, which were exactly what she’s been looking for. So she decided it was a good time to break out the birthday/Xmas money you sent her. I took the picture below so you could see them.
After the shops we went and saw Julie, as she’d made some food for us. Little cupcakes and vegetable patty things, which we took home for dinner and had with salad and boiled potatoes, then a cupcake for pudding.
I put Josh to bed and have subsequently been cancelling the monthly payment for this place’s rent card and sorting out the transfer of our phone and internet service to the new address. Both things went surprisingly smoothly…so far!
Another early-ish night as I have work tomorrow.

Sparkly Heels

Sparkly Heels

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One response to “New Shoes

  • Mum

    Hi Dan
    Where is Deanne going in the sparkly shoes??????
    I will put some money in your bank account next week for your birthday.
    Usual hard work at Druce – I moved a ton of soil today….
    Have to go out to a boring committee meeting in Wimborne
    love mum xxxx

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