Mushroom Stroganoff

Dear Mum,
The end of another week. Rick and Julie were over when I got home from work. They had a good time away and Julie said you’d have loved the flowers they saw.
Deanne made a stroganoff for tea, which was really nice. Josh had leftover pasta because he still doesn’t like mushrooms.
This weekend we have to start tidying things up, as it’s only two weeks until we move…again.
Hopefully we’ll fit some fun stuff in too though.
As you can see, Snuggles really enjoyed the stroganoff too!


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One response to “Mushroom Stroganoff

  • Mum

    Hi Dan
    Stroganoff must have been delicious!!
    We are out for ‘lunch’ – or rather lunchtime nibbles at Druce farmhouse. Will tell all when I get back!!
    Just out to Wareham to get a paper
    love mum xxx

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