Late Night

Dear Mum,

No post tonight as it was the P&C meeting at school and it’s late now and I need to go to bed.

The picture is from last week, Josh wanted a yoghurt for pudding and Dee and I were busy so he got it himself.





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One response to “Late Night

  • Lilian Ladle

    Dear Dan Dad and I had a good laugh at Josh in the fridge – made my evening!!! Where do the days go to????? I go out at 9.30 and get home about 4.30, next time I look at the clock its 10pm!!! Today was horrible, drizzle off and on – not bad enough to cancel the day at Druce, but everyone and everything got thoroughly wet. The damp even seeps through waterproofs. I have three talks to prepare in the next few days. I need to sort them before Rich, Ana and Jasmine arrive next Wednesday love, mum xxxxxxxxxxxx

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