The Long Dark Tea Time Of The Joshua

Dear Mum,

Deanne dropped Josh off today so I went straight to work. I didn’t feel like I accomplished very much but, in fact, I seemed to do quite a lot. Just not much that I actually finished. I think that is the difference between a great day and an average day at work, you actually finish a lot of things off.

Joshua got picked up by Bob, then had a small adventure. They arrived at our house and got out the car, then Pops realised he didn’t have our house keys. So the two of them spent some time in the front garden doing some weeding until Dee arrived home, to let them in. I think they both had a good time!

Deanne made a roast for tea, which was really very tasty. Joshy took an age to eat his tea so he forewent his bath and we just brushed his teeth then gave him Tabby McTat as a story and straight to sleep (the picture is of him getting ready). I’m at work again tomorrow and Deanne has the day off to look after the boy, not sure what they are doing but hopefully nothing that’ll put any strain on Deanne’s back. She is feeling a bit better now but the physio’ said it’ll be a while before she’s capable of any heavy lifting.

Talking of which we put the application in for the house in Leeing today so keep your fingers crossed for us.






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One response to “The Long Dark Tea Time Of The Joshua

  • Mum

    Hi Dan Joshie must have been tired – all that gardening!!! Your day at work sounds like mine – we went in as usual, expecting rain, and eventually we got it!!. Luckily most of it fell at lunch time so we had a gossipy extended lunch. We have two large gazebos on site so we don’t get too wet. However, the soil is very clay-ey and sticks to your boots etc, and makes it quite difficult to excavate properly. Only the really mad ones turned up today – needless to say, our occasional volunteers all stayed at home. The land rover is at the garage being fixed and two cars went up with the seven of us who were working. Our car stayed in the field, I wouldn’t dare try to drive it up the wet, sticky fields. Dad had fish and chips waiting for me when I got home – for some reason I was very hungry. We had delicious yonanas afterwards. Hope you are successful with the Leeming house….will you have to wait long to find out? lots of love, mum xxx

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