House Hunt

Dear Mum,
Sorry about the lack of Skyping, we’ve been a bit busy looking for a new place to live. However we have found a nice place not far from Joshy’s school and are putting an offer in tomorrow (I think).
Today I did some of Rich’s work after dropping the boy off at kindy, but then filled out a form for the place in Leeming, which took up most of the rest of the day.
Met Deanne at said house after she finished work, for a look around myself. It’s a bit old fashioned but really near his school. We then went to look at a couple of others in Bibra Lake, just to make sure. One was e-normous, much too big really, and the other was too near some power lines. So it’s hopefully the Leeming one, if they’ll have us!
Made a potato and sweet potato cheesy bake for tea with some veg’.
Tomorrow is work. Will try and Skype you on Thursday a’vo as I’m also chatting to Rich, Nige and Steve that afternoon.
The picture was taken at tea time. You’ll notice I had a very grown up kind of drinking receptacle, as Josh hadn’t finished his drink earlier and I only noticed after pouring him an orange juice.


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One response to “House Hunt

  • Mum

    Hi Dan Well, today was a ‘stay at home’ day – its rained non stop so Druce was a no-goer!! However, I have caught up with quite a lot of computer related stuff which I was going to have to do at some time anyway (lists/data sets etc). The forecast for this week is not so good so may spend a bit of time at home!! Just noticed that it seems to have stopped raining – whoopee!! Hope that you manage to find a nice house soon, the problem is that you have now got something rather nice to compare anything else with. We watched ‘catch up’ BBC last night and viewed the new DR Who – it was excellent!!! – not only that but the catch up was perfect – last time we used it, the recording kept freezing. Caught up with a natural history programme today – Steve Backshall in central America. Tonight its new ‘New Tricks’. Tea is something I prepared yesterday – cooked chicken, with chips and salad love mum xxxx

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