Spelling Mi-Scitech

Dear Mum,
Been to my writers group tonight so not a long one, as I need to be up for work in the morning.
Josh and I spent most of the day at Scitech. He had a great time, and I did too! We built things, did experiments, played science-y games and generally did lots of fun things. I did, however, point out that one of their displays contained a spelling mistake, can you see it in the picture?
I made a kind of country pie for tea and then went out to chat about writing. Another good day.




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One response to “Spelling Mi-Scitech

  • Mum

    Hi Dan Oh dear – SciTech need a copy editor!!! no doubt huge fees paid to someone who can’t spell!!! Loved the pictures though, specially the body-less Josh – how did he do that?????? Hard day at Druce – a guided tour then the land rover refused to go. Had to walk back – I’m sure that the walk did me good. I will be driving my little car up tomorrow. Its not the walk but lugging all the site stuff that is the killer. Its certainly a fair bit chillier, particularly at night – had to put an extra cover on the bed last night – and dad complained that my feet were a tad on the icy side!!! ah well I guess that autumn draws closer – the hot weather was good while it lasted lots of love mum xxxxxxxxxx

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