Fruit And Veg’

Dear Mum,
More of the same at work today. No trips out though, just working in the office. So much stuff to do and think about, it makes me quite pleased I’m only working three days a week at the moment!
I got home to Deanne and Joshua laying on the sofa, tired out and watching Dinosaur Train (Deanne was reading as well). I made beans and toast for Joshy and me, as the two of them had been to Spud Shed to buy some food and had a bite to eat there. Then our fruit and veg’ box arrived. We ordered it through a scheme they run at Josh’s school , they were meant to call us to organise delivery, but just turned up. So now we have a fridge stuffed with all manner of exciting plant materials.
Joshy/Daddy day tomorrow and the boy would like to go to Scitech, so we’ll probably do that in the morning and aim for a nap in the afternoon.
Deanne said her interview for the lecturing job went okay but, as with one of my Uni’ interviews, they didn’t really seem to know what they wanted. They didn’t even say when they might get back to her about it, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed, but I expect them to be a bit lackadaisical about the whole thing!


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One response to “Fruit And Veg’

  • Mum

    HI Dan Wow…full fridge – very impressive, hope it all tastes as good as it looks!!! I bet that pages are flying in the recipe book!!! WE had a very simple tea tonight – eggs on toast, followed by yogurt – it was lovely. The weather is cooling down a bit, not so hot, and certainly cooler at night. I am considering ‘upping’ the duvet, its currently the very thin one and the last couple of nights I have had very cold feet! However, I am still wearing shorts through the day, so no complaints. A bit of tv tonight – Lewis at 8pm, we’ve seen it before but its fun trying to remember what we have forgotten!! lots of love, mum xxx

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