Officer Joshua

Dear Mum,

Whew, another packed day! Deanne dropped Joshua off at school, I went straight out to a doctors surgery where I had to fiddle with a wireless router to allow them to connect their wireless devices, tablets, phones, laptops, etc.

That took me an hour or so, then I went back to base. While I was there I did a few things, like inputting client data in outlook (our email program), so we can access it whether we’re in the office or on site. I also started messing with a script to pull computer information from machines we look after. After I ate my lunch I went to a car mechanic to try and fix a computer that wouldn’t boot, but it was beyond help so I took it back to the office.

I realise some of this may not mean a lot to you, but the general thing I’m trying to get across is the job is incredibly diverse! I’m having a whale of a time.

I got home at about half five, Bob had already left and Josh and Deanne were having a cuddle. I made a korma for tea then Joshy and I had an ice cream each for pudding.

Joshua told me that he had made a policeman and road signs at kindy, so I took a picture of them for you.

Deanne has gone to bed, although she is feeling much better her back still hurts and she isn’t really up to much yet. I am going to follow her quite soon but am just watching a bit of a Star Trek movie I recorded the other week while I write this.

Tomorrow Deanne is off work, for the lecturing interview, so she will be dropping the boy off and picking him up. I don’t have any sites to visit (as yet) so I’ll head straight for work. Another day of numerous things to think about, I suspect. Then in the evening it’s the P&C meeting so I’ll be going to that after tea.



Call The Police

Call The Police

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2 responses to “Officer Joshua

  • Dan Ladle

    I tell a lie, the P&C meeting is next Wednesday!

  • Mum

    Hi Dan The job sounds really exciting – you will be a bit like me never quite knowing what is going to turn up. For example today, I was digging away in a ditch and came across a huge broken quern – a device for grinding corn into flour. its the biggest thing I’ve found so far!!! Dad has gone up the river for an hours fishing and I am going to do some pot marking Loved Josh’s collage – he is very artistic. By the way have you seen the research on 4 year olds drawing human figures abilities? It apparently has a bearing on their IQ and intellectual development . The more detail they put in, it would seem, the cleverer they are. Hope Deanne is continuing to mend lots of love, mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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