I work In IT

Dear Mum,

I got ready nice and early and set off for work at about 7:50 this morning,I arrived at about twenty past eight and got on with some computing. It’s amazing how many different things there are to do, I continued filling in the forms I was doing yesterday, put lots of information into a secure store, fiddled with a service desk tool, frankly all manner of things which are incredibly exciting and challenging as well as mostly new! All very interesting.

I got home and finished making the tea Deanne had started, roast veg, sausages, corn on the cob and peas. The day had gone pretty well until this point, but then we opened a letter from the agents we rent the house from, saying that the owners of the house want us to move out on the date at the end of our initial contract, which is the 23rd of October. This came as a bit of a shock as we were hoping we would be able to extend our lease for another year or six months.

Of course we don’t actually know that this isn’t just standard practice, sending out a letter a couple of months prior to the end date of the lease, but the wording suggests they are either going to be getting rid of or moving into the house themselves.

So we’re going to have to go through the rigmarole of finding another place, doing the application, getting accepted, getting the right moving date, possibly paying for two properties for a time, getting this place cleaned, debugged, etc., moving all our stuff (thankfully most of which is still in boxes in the garage), hiring a van to move with and generally being quite inconvenienced.


As I say though, we don’t really know what’s going on, so Deanne wrote an email to the agents to find out. In any case I’m sure it’ll turn out okay, but it’s a pain.

Joshy and Dee and Snuggles had a relaxing day, as Deanne’s back is hurting after the visit to the physio’ yesterday. Tomorrow I’m taking Joshua for his final booster jab at the doctors, he’s not really looking forward to it but I told him that we can go for an ice cream afterwards, so he’s going to try and be brave. I also get my first pay tomorrow, which is nice!



My Part Of The Office

My Part Of The Office


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One response to “I work In IT

  • Mum

    Hi Dan
    Hope that the house stuff sorts itself out, Perth seems to be full of ups and downs!!! More to the poiont, hope that Deanne’s back is soon mended – backache is a pain – forgive the pun. The hurt bit seems to impinge on everything. Your job seems quite exciting, lots to do, hope not too stressful.
    Had a mixed weather day at Druce – sunshine and showers – at least the two showers were shortish and the rain wasn’t cold.
    For tea tonight we had chicken tikka masala (One I’d frozen earlier)- it was absolutely fabulous followed by banana, mango, strawberry and raspberry yonanas – probably the best one we’ve ever had.
    Even though its quite late. I’ve hung some washing out as there is a bit of a breeze and it will dry it off a bit. I’ll add it to the pile of ironing which I intend to do later.
    lots of love, mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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