9(:20) ’till 5(48)

Dear Mum,
Dropped Josh off at school this morning then headed to work, where a shiny new phone and nearly new laptop were waiting for me.
Jason, my new boss, had set them both up for me and so I logged on, changed my passwords then started work.
I did a couple of things today, one of which was starting to edit a document for a GP surgery, something to do with fulfilling requirements to practice, but purely the IT side of things from my perspective. I also set up a secure system for managing and sharing customer information between the two of us, as well as having a good chat to Jason, and his wife while he was talking to another IT guy he knows.
Because Deanne had been at a medical for a job this morning I was a tad later than 9am so I stayed a bit late too, however in the end we talked until close to six, so I certainly made the time up.
Dee had taken Josh with her and gone to the physio, so I made beans and toast for when they got home, Deanne had spaghetti as she doesn’t like beans though.
Then I was off again. I went to Darren’s house, to discuss the school P&C council website with him and figure out the best way of administrating it. He set it up but I’ve done some of the work to get it looking nice. We have a good idea of what to do but need some content from the P&C group to upload. The next meeting is on Wednesday so we’ll tell them what we’ve done then.
Now I have to go to bed as it’s work again tomorrow. Deanne is looking after Josh, hopefully she can cope okay with her back, but it does seem to be getting better now!



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One response to “9(:20) ’till 5(48)

  • Mum

    Hi Dan
    What a lovely shiny laptop and phone….your first ‘real day’ sounded not too stressful.
    I think that we have just about seen the back of the rainy weather we’ve had these last few days. Was up at 6.30am and its already quite warm – it’s obviously a ‘shorts day’ for me today!!
    Fingers crossed for Deanne’s medical – perhaps there might be some tips for her ear and back!!
    Must go to prepare my lunch for work (cheese scone, bought from a posh deli in Dorchester) and fresh fruit which I pre-chop and eat with a fork so I don’t get sticky. Also a piece of Battenburg cake which I have with a cup of coffee when I get onto site – sets me up for the day!!
    lots of love mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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