Firemen’s Hats

Dear Mum,

I had a good time at school this morning, first of all helping the kindy (not pre-primary) kids cut out a fireman’s hat, which they all thought was brilliant. Then I supervised them taping some boxes together and painting them red to start making a fire engine. It was  It was really good fun and all the kindy kids seemed to remember me from the last few times I’ve been in. I’m pleased I can continue to do the odd Monday to help out as it is great to see what they do in the daytime.

I got home at about lunchtime and had one of my arancini balls. I then fired up the computer and did an hour or so of Rich’s work before heading in to pick the boy up again.

Josh watched a bit of TV while he was having his snack, then went and played outside, before asking if he could do some more of the ABC Reading Eggs. While he was doing that I made a cheesy pasta bake, topped with the leftover breadcrumbs I had whizzed up in the food processor for the balls yesterday. We had raspberry jelly and ice cream for pudding, which was nice.

Back to work tomorrow! The picture is of Snuggles relaxing on the sofa this afternoon.



Snuggles On The Sofa

Snuggles On The Sofa


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One response to “Firemen’s Hats

  • Mum

    Hi Dan

    Snuggles looks so relaxed…..we have quite a few reminders of his stay with us such as scratched carpets and chairs.

    Pleased that you enjoyed your morning at kindy…its hard work isn’t it?

    We only had half a day at Druce – rain stopped play about 2.30 and it was too wet to work. Not only that but we had thunder and lightning too. Dad was surprised to see me home early as there hadn’t been a drop of rain in Wareham.

    We had a nice tea tonight – cold chicken (from yesterday), salad and potato wedges – very tasty. Followed by lemon cake and raspberry sauce (from our own rasps).

    As I was home early I’m ahead with my ‘Druce’ chores so a bit of a relax for me, finished off by viewing ‘Death in Paradise’ – corny but nice easy viewing

    lots of love

    mum xxxxxxxxxx

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