Dear Mum,

It was great Skyping today, sorry if I wasn’t making a lot of sense, I did a blood test after I shut the call down and was a bit on the low side. Oops!

This morning, as well as doing a couple of loads of washing and hanging out of clothes, I found a recipe and made some of the leftover risotto into arancini balls, however I only made a couple as I wanted to check them out before I went ahead and used the rest of it. Because we didn’t have mozzarella I used a small piece of cheddar and a bit of sun dried tomato. They turned out okay but the cheese didn’t melt very well, so I took note and planned to make the rest later in the day.

Deanne and I ate them for lunch, Josh had a cheese sandwich. We left Deanne at home to rest her back and I took Joshy to Riverton, next to the Canning River, to have a scoot and a Calippo ice cream. Sadly the café, which served lovely cakes, although we only had a Diet Coke (me) and an ice cream (Josh), was still in the process of being built, so the playground wasn’t finished. However Joshua coped well with this and so we went for a massive scooter ride along the river.

When we got home I made tea, home made chips plus burgers in buns, then raspberry jelly with vanilla ice cream.

I put Josh to bed then had another go at the risotto, making another eight balls, then sharing one with Deanne to check it turned out okay.

Tomorrow I’m helping out at kindy, so another tiring day I suspect.

A mildly amusing aside: Snuggles just climbed on to the bed and sat between my feet as I was typing this and Deanne said, “ah, what’s it like to be a bore?” Then quickly realised what she’d actually said and changed the last word to “adored”! At least I think it wasn’t on purpose!



Some Swans At Riverton

Some Swans At Riverton

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One response to “Arancini

  • Mum

    Hi Dan

    Fantastic to talk to you all this hope that Deanne’s back/ears are better soon.

    I did a load of housework after I talked to you then went up to Druce for the walkabout. About 25 people turned up and although it was a bit blowy at least it didn’t rain.

    I’ll send a picture via your other account. bot so much the walking, but the talking has made me very tired, I keep falling asleep in front of the tv – despite it being the Antiques Roadshow.

    I made chicken and lemon sauce for tea tonight followed by lemon cake and hot raspberries. By the way, your lemons look fantastic!!

    lots of love mum xxxxxxxxxx

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