Dear Mum,

I stayed and played until the start of class this morning. It was Joshua’s turn to ring the bell this morning so it was good to see him getting to have a go, and enjoying it.

I didn’t really do much this morning, I’m a bit unwell with a cold and have been doing a lot of stuff recently, including today!

Bob turned up unannounced at about midday, he was going to come over before picking Joshua up and do some gardening, which we really appreciate, however something had come up at work for tomorrow so he had some stuff to do at home this afternoon. He tried texting me but couldn’t get his text to send, so he drove over to see if I was in, so he could tell me he couldn’t come round to do the gardening before picking Joshua up!!! I just nodded and smiled, then showed him what he was doing wrong on his phone. In any case he actually did go out into the garden with Joshy after school and pulled up a load of weeds anyway.

I went to see another recruitment consultant this afternoon, which was actually quite interesting. I told him all about my interesting and varied career, using the word “interesting” about every other sentence for some reason. He’s waiting to hear back from a company about a couple of suitable roles but I told him I had been offered a role anyway (the one which I start on Friday), and he gave me some advice about that, which was nice.

After getting home Josh and I accompanied Deanne to the physiotherapist, she had her appointment and now has some exercises to do, which have already helped her back quite a lot after being in quite a lot of pain, whenever she moved for most of today. After the appointment it was getting a bit late to make tea so we got chips and potato fritters.

Tomorrow Deanne is dropping Joshua off so I might go for a run, which I haven’t done for ages. I’ll also get on with some of Rich’s work. I’ve also been in contact with a guy from a band who want a singer, their guitarist is away for a month or so but when he’s back they are going to have some try-outs, so that’s quite exciting too.



Joshua Playing In The Garden

Joshua Playing In The Garden

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  • Mum

    Hi Dan Perhaps you will all feel better when the warm weather kicks in…. I guess that there are loads of Aussie bugs which you are susceptible to just now. Glad to hear that Deanne’s back is a bit better. We had a drop of rain today which really freshened things up, trouble is that not only does it freshen up the garden plants but it doubly invigorates the weeds!!! the archaeology site looks good after rain, really bright and clean and it is much easier to work as well. The soil, which had turned into concrete is beautifully soft and easy to move. The forecast is for rain tonight but clearing tomorrow. First thing in the morning we have to take the KA into Wool garage for its MOT and service, we aim to get it there for 8am. Dad will have to wait for me to get home before we can pick it up. We should clean it out tonight – there is life new to man in there!!!! The inside is really quite horrible!! Nothing on the tv tonight so I will work on the Druce Roman pottery lots of love, mum xxxxxxxxxxx

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