Flying Joshua

Dear Mum,

A fairly normal start to the morning for Joshua, he brought a few books into our room and I read them to him before we got up and had breakfast. He got dressed as I showered then we packed his bag and headed out for school.

Deanne meanwhile was heading to the doctors to have a mole removed, a fairly standard procedure over here. However as she got to work her back started hurting worse than it had the other week, so she’s booked herself in to see someone about it tomorrow. The poor thing is in the wars at the moment!

At school Josh did some puzzles with Ella, they seemed to be having fun so I left them to it and came home to get on with some housework and then some grid-reference finding for Rich’s science project.

I got a message telling me Josh’s books were due back at the library on Friday, so I packed and took them with me to collect him this afternoon. After dropping them off and picking some new books, one of which was about ancient marine creatures rather than dinosaurs for a change, we walked over to the playground near the library.

He particularly enjoyed the flying fox, which he grabbed on to, asked me to swing him half way along the track, then dropped seven feet into the sand and laughed his head off. It was so funny he did it a number of times, which was when I took the photo.

I also got an email from the new boss asking if I can start on Friday. I said yes! Although I still have another appointment with a recruitment consultant tomorrow afternoon, which I figured I’d go to anyway as it was already booked.

Dee’s back appointment is in the afternoon, so I’ll go along for some moral support. Bob picks Josh up from school tomorrow so there will be a bit of to-ing and fro-ing to coordinate all our movements.



Flying Fox

Flying Fox

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One response to “Flying Joshua

  • Mum

    Hi Dan As per usual, the pics are wonderful. Hope that Deanne’s back gets better soon – she really has had a time of it lately. Two of my friends here have had moles removed in the last month – I have so many, I don’t think that I’d notice another one./.. I have skin just like granddad Jim. We were expecting James today but the visit is off as he has had to start another job, or to be precise, back to Iceland in Littlehampton – this time as the under-manager. His holiday is on hold. One benefit is that I did loads of cleaning yesterday and the house is gleaming!!! Another beautiful day here – its been a spectacular summer all round. Loads of love, mum xxx

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