Snuggles Has Left The Building

Dear Mum,
Deanne was in a baking mood today, and we didn’t have anything else planned. So while Josh played in the garden and I hung out some washing, she made some chunky monkey cookies, an apple pie, an apple strudel to put in the freezer and (in the afternoon) chocolate chip cookies. We also have some leftover lemon slice from yesterday and a few other frozen bits and pieces.
Toasted sandwiches for lunch, then we went to look at a house for sale in Leeming, not that we’re planning on buying any time soon, but we want to get our heads round what’s out there.
After that we took Josh to Kings Park, but sadly we had to curtail the trip due to tiredness and grumpiness (his, not ours). After getting home he went to bed and slept for a couple of hours.
I made crushed potatoes for dinner, with some sausages and vegetables. Apple pie for pudding, Josh had ice cream we had cream, it was lovely. We still have half of it left so I suspect it’ll be on the menu tomorrow night too.
I also used the sausage mix I froze weeks ago to make some sausage rolls, which we might use for lunches, etc. A lot of cooking today!
Deanne is still not quite better from the balance problems, plus she tripped on the sofa and re-hurt her back again, so she’s hobbling around in some discomfort at the moment. I’m sure she’ll be fine but she’s had a tough couple of weeks.
I suspect I may hear back from the new boss about a starting date in the next day or two, it’ll be funny going to work again.
Snuggles finally left the building of his own accord tonight and stayed out for a good hour or two. We’re very proud.


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One response to “Snuggles Has Left The Building

  • Mum

    Hi Dan Your lunch looked delicious… Hope that Snuggles watches out for those redbacks!!!! After a morning of vigorous housework, Dad and I drove to north Dorset for our archaeology Soc outing to ‘Down Farm’, where a colleague of mine farms, digs up acres of archaeology and has one of the finest private museums in the country. 20 of us turned up and had a very pleasant afternoon there. I had slow cooked a small joint of beef while we were out and within 20 minutes the veg were cooked and we enjoyed a very tasty tea. No pud today – coffee and cake instead (which was very nice!) Nothing on the tv tonight so I will mark some Roman pot lots of love mum xxx

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