Dear Mum,
So today, after dropping Joshua off at daycare and popping in to Julie’s house to drop their mail back, I got a call from the recruitment consultant for the University, to say I did well but didn’t get the job.
This meant I didn’t have to choose anymore, so I mailed my new boss and confirmed I would be happy to agree to the terms of the contract. He was pleased and said he’d get back to me with a start date, suspect it won’t be too long!
I spent some of the rest of the day starting on Rich’s next bit of work, then some time working some songs out on the guitar. I also put an ad’ on Gumtree to see if I can find an acoustic guitarist/singer, just someone to jam with for fun really, as I think it would be good to get back into playing, and maybe even playing live a bit!
I picked Josh up and we kicked and threw some balls back and forth in the garden, then I made us beans and toast for tea, Deanne stayed out for a leaving do so it was just the two of us.
Dee got back as we finished, Josh had about four courses, I think he’s growing again, he’ll be like Marcel I suspect! Then we got him bathed and hair washed, as it’s Alice’s party tomorrow so he needs to be clean and tidy.
The picture is from bedtime.


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One response to “Contract

  • Mum

    Hi Dan Josh looks so keen and eager to have his bedtime story (as does Snugs). I must say that I still look forward to bedtime and my ‘read’ before I go to sleep!! It sounds as though the ‘job’ is just your ticket – and exactly what you need right now – the conditions for work/ child care etc appear to be almost perfect. First day for ages with little sun and in fact I had to wear a jumper for part of the day. It looked like rain……but didn’t. Supposed to rain over the weekend. I’ve worked at Druce for 15 consecutive days and I am looking forward to a couple of days off. I need to do some shopping and housework before James and Megan arrive on Monday. I’m just about to pop to the shop to pick up some milk – how is it that you look at the bottle and its almost full, then suddenly its empty…… Lots of love mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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