What A Day

Dear Mum,

It really is like buses! Got up this morning and fed and watered Joshua, Deanne went off to work and Joshy got dressed while I was showering. When I finished i came back to find him in the sitting room as per the picture. I was very impressed.

I dropped Josh off, got home and finished a job application to work for the government, not sure if I’m suitable but there’s no harm in trying. I had lunch and then got dressed up and headed out for another job interview. This one went very well, it’s for one of the Universities and is as a Service Improvement Coordinator. I did most of the talking and I felt pretty good afterwards, all I can do now is wait to hear back.

So in a couple of days I have gone from having no job to having one definite offer and one very positive interview. I also got a call just before I was leaving from another recruiter looking to fill a couple of positions for a resources (mining) company, which also sounds pretty similar to what I’ve done before.

Meanwhile Deanne also had an interview today, I’ll let her tell you about that next time we speak. I think it went okay, but as with mine you never really know until they call you up and offer you a job!?

Dee picked the boy up this afternoon and I made tea when I got back from my interview, just slice and mash. While he was finishing tea I was making up some poems about food and animals but I couldn’t find an animal to rhyme with corn. Joshua, without a pause said “prawn”. Both Deanne and I were very impressed. Sadly I can’t actually remember the rhyme, but his speed of thought was quite amazing.

Gotta go to bed now, we’re all a bit tired.



Joshua Reading

Joshua Reading


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One response to “What A Day

  • Mum

    Hi Dan

    Dad enjoyed talking to you and Deanne today and catching up with the ‘down-under’ news. I bet that you are feeling good about the job situation now, it sounds as though both you and Deanne are doing exactly the right thing.

    Loved the pic of Josh reading – he looks so intent!!!!

    Another swelterer today – must have been over 30 degrees C for most of the day. Its 8pm and still very warm.

    Got home after work, had a quick shower and we went shopping to Ferndown. Had a ‘tacky tea’ at McDonalds, dad had the usual hamburgers but I had a chilli chicken wrap – it was quite tasty.

    I had a present of £30 on my kindle recently so I have purchased a few books. Normally I only buy very cheap ones but this time I bought some relatively expensive ones – I love that machine!!!

    Got to answer a few emails and then I am going to relax with the paper

    lots of love mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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