Nearly Two Jobs Ladle

Dear Mum,

What a day! It started off like a normal Monday, we got up, got breakfasted, got showered and dressed and then I took Joshua to school. However then it started to diverge a bit from the run of the mill. I set my sat nav for “work”, got in the car and started the drive.

It took about 25 minutes to get there and was a fairly easy drive, although I’d have had a job without Google’s help. My boss to be, Jason was sitting in his office, which is built on to the side of his house. We chatted for a couple of minutes then he showed me round the office, the store room and the rest of the house. Rather ridiculously the thing which impressed me the most was not the four monitor PC setup, nor the store room full of computer paraphernalia, but the two posters on the laundry wall as we walked through the rest of the house. One was of Audioslave, the other was of the Foo Fighters! Upon questioning he also mentioned Alice in Chains, who are one of my favourite bands.

So, not only does this man also have Type 1 Diabetes, a Hyundai i30 station wagon, a four year old child and is a bit of a computer geek, he also listens to the same music that I do. Apart from his rather more luxurious head of hair we could be twins!

Anyway, we spent the morning chatting about what he does and what he wants to do and what I can do for him and how things work, then finally about money and hours, etc. So the next stage is for him to get a contract of some sort together and send it to me to agree to and sign. Quite exciting.

I left at about half twelve, however I still had an appointment to go see Ian, the recruitment consultant in the city who has been doing such a good job for me. I still have my interview on tomorrow at the University and may as well go and have a go to see what happens, although to be fair I think the job I’ve already been offered is the more interesting and convenient one. But I went along anyway and we had a good chat. It’ll be interesting to see if this other job is anything like I expect, unlike the last one I tried out for at the same Uni’.

After the meeting I had a bit of a walk around the city centre. I found a bookshop which I thought Deanne would be interested in, a music shop selling amazingly cheap CDs and finally a Dymock’s, which is another bookshop. I thought the display on the Terry Pratchett shelf was particularly apt so took a photo, as below.

Bob and Joshua both survived the school pickup and Deanne was home and making tea before I got back. spaghetti with a nice tomato sauce that she made.

Tomorrow is another kindy day, I’m finishing off a job application and hopefully doing something useful with the school uniform shop data that I got hold of last month. I also need to start on the next bit of Rich’s data processing. These jobs appear to be like buses!!!



The Last Continent

The Last Continent

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One response to “Nearly Two Jobs Ladle

  • Mum

    Hi Dan Good start to the week – eh? Hope the next few days are as good. I’m sure that Bob is loving being ‘pops on call’ – I’m sure that he never expected that pleasure. The heat wave continues – it came over greyish an hour ago, looked a bit like rain, and we now have clear skies again. Up at Druce Farm it feels like being out in the red centre of Australia!!! The hot weather is forecast until at least the end of the week. Look forward to hearing about the next exciting instalment in your life!!! love mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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