Dear Mum,
This morning we got ready early, for a Sunday, and headed to Hoyt’s which is one of the cinema chains over here. Deanne had four tickets to see Tinkerbell and the Pirates, or some such, so we asked Emma if Penny would like to come with us. She said that Lillian (with two Ls) would like to see it too, so the three of them would come.
Penny and Josh ran to get seats first, followed by Dee, me, Lillian then Emma. The film was okay, if you like fairys, but the kids seemed to enjoy it. Probably the best bit was when the pirates appeared and Penny turned to Josh and said “if you get scared of the pirates you can hold my hand.” Aw!
When we got home afterwards Bob came over to get his mower, which he forgot to take last time he came over to get his mower!
Other than those things we didn’t do much more today. Obviously tomorrow is a big day for me, but I’ll let you know how the new job goes when I have a clue myself. I’m heading to work (sounds weird to say that) after dropping the boy off at kindy. Bob is picking him up in the afternoon, then bringing him home. Deanne will get back about half an hour afterwards, hopefully Josh will behave for Bob, and vice versa.
I took the picture while making lunch, not entirely certain what he was doing but he seemed to be enjoying himself.


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One response to “Fairies

  • Mum

    Hi Dan The pic reminds me of Marc in the baby chair…. loved the cinema story – can I have a photo of Penny please? Worked hard at Druce and had another walking group up… over the two days there has been over £200 in donations which is a welcome addition to our publication fund. Although it was hot today, it’s not been as sweltering as of late – perhaps the hot spell is coming to a close. Dad walked up to the site this afternoon to help me with the walk. When we got in, he was starving as usual so we had Hawaiian pizza (ordinary base with extra pineapple and ham) then yogurt and pineapple for pud. Hope that tomorrow goes well – by time we get up in the morning you will have almost completed your first day. The job sounds as though it could be fab. Thinking of you, loads of love, mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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