My Pledidge!

Dear Mum,

We had a relatively late start this morning, as Deanne is still recovering from her inner ear thing, Joshua is recovering from his first week back at school and I am recovering from…well mainly from a really hectic week with lots of things happening in it.

After we had all breakfasted and got ready we went to the shops. we got out the money you sent us from Xmas, which we are going to keep safe until we’ve decided what to buy and then wrap them and keep whatever we get until December. We also got a present for Alice’s party next week and a few other bits and pieces.

Dee and I had leftover potato bake for lunch, Josh had a ham sandwich. In the a’vo Deanne made a buttercream cake, I put on a loaf of bread to cook, which we’ll use for lunch tomorrow. It was just a plain white one but I chopped up some sundried tomatoes and added them after it had proved. I’ll be really interested to see how it’s turned out as we haven’t tried it yet.

Dee made risotto for tea while Joshua and I played with his Lego. Snuggles actually decided to go out for a while on himself for a bit while we were sat near the back door, which is a bit of a step forwards for him. We’re shutting him out of our room in the daytime so he doesn’t have the option of slouching under our bed the whole day now, it seems to be helping a bit with his agoraphobia.

Josh had made a mess in his room, so when he was getting ready for bedtime I told him to clean up before I’d come back in his room. He did a really good job and I went in and told him so, and that I was really proud of him. He turned to me and said “my plodedge”. I was a bit confused and asked him to repeat what he’d said, this time it was “my pledidge”. I thought for a bit then asked him if what he had meant was “my pleasure” and he confirmed that it was!

We might possibly go see a movie tomorrow as Deanne got free tickets for writing that article for the BuggyBuddies website a while back. Bob is coming over in the afternoon for a while.



Cake Mix

Cake Mix

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