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Dear Mum,

I took Josh to school this morning. We played with some plastic building stuff with a few of the other kids in his class and made a very thin tower which was almost as big as me.

Deanne had showered by the time I got home and I spent the morning working, while she sat next to me on the sofa and we watched TV together. She is feeling a bit better and thinks she will go to work tomorrow, although Joshy and I will have to drive her in as she is still taking the anti-dizziness/nausea tablets which can make you sleepy.

I heated up the leftover curry from last night and we had it for lunch, then we headed to Target to do some xmas shopping. Yep, you heard me right. There is a big toy sale on at Target at the moment and both Julie and Olive have given us money to get Josh’s presents for Xmas, so we went along and spent some time looking at and picking things out. This is apparently fairly normal behaviour over here and there were an awful lot of people at the shop picking out yuletide gifts, then laying them over to pick up at some unspecified point in the future.

For your info we have picked him some “bigger boy” Lego from Olive, and ourselves. However we are sticking with our usual principle of relatively non-violent things and non-branded stuff and so have got him a pick up truck and a camper van (a bit like Nana and Poppy Richard’s caravan so he can relate) as well as a water-plane and boat set. They are all from five to eight years old, but by then he is, of course, going to be nearing his next birthday. We also got him three more Dinosaur Train interactive toys…I know, I just said non-branded, but Dinosaur Train is at least educational and is something we know he loves, and hopefully still will in December!

After picking him up we left Deanne doing a bit of stuff on the computer and went to the park so he could have a scoot, as he was a bit overly full of energy. This seemed to help and after having our slice and mash and veg for tea he had some more jelly and ice cream then it was bath time, toothbrush and story time. He got a new library book at school today, about dinosaurs, so he chose that and read it. We were up to the letter Q in his dinosaur A to Z last night (Quetzalcoatlus!) so not a bad place to take a one night break.

The picture is of what Joshua brought home from School today, his cutting and pasting is getting pretty good now.

Tomorrow is going to be the first Joshy/Daddy Thursday for a good while, we might go to Kings Park after we’ve dropped Dee off at work, but it depends a bit on whether Josh is in the mood.





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