Television Debut

Dear Mum,

Deanne wasn’t feeling any better today, so after taking Joshua to school and doing some housework I drove her to the doctors. Our new-ish doctor is very good and didn’t take too long to diagnose that the problem is benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, mainly in her left ear. In plain English this is a build up of crystals in the ear canal which affects your balance. She was prescribed some pills, which are a bit like travel sickness ones, and signed off work for the rest of this week.

We had lunch when we got back, and then there wasn’t a lot of time before we had to pick Joshua up. When he got home he and I got out his wooden train track and drove some trains around for a while.

Joshy and I had a korma for tea, but Deanne is still feeling a little off so I made her a baked potato with cheese. For pudding Josh and I both had some of the green jelly we made yesterday with vanilla ice cream. Haven’t had it for years and it was lovely.

The picture was from the wall of the kindy this morning, all of the kids had made pigs and sheep, I thought Joshua’s pig was more photogenic than his sheep so you’ve got that today.



Joshua's Pig

Joshua’s Pig


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One response to “Television Debut

  • Mum

    Hi Dan Watched the clip of your TV debut when I got home tonight – ‘my son, the TV personality!!!’. I thought you were fabulous, not whinging, just down to earth and reasoned, hope the publicity brings something in its wake. It was excellent talking to you all this morning. I particularly enjoyed my session with Joshua, he gave me a wonderful tour and lots of chat on the way. Made my day. Hot (VERY) at Druce, but 17 people turned out to scrape the soil never-the-less. Dad is in shorts again – even shopping in them!!!! I’m off tomorrow and Thursday, but plenty to do and two short trips up to the site lots of love, mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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