Another Lazy Sunday

Dear Mum,
After our busy week we decided to have a quiet, relaxing Sunday. Deanne did a load of washing and hanging out, Joshua played and I hoovered throughout the house.
Lunch was cheese and tomato toasted sandwiches for us and a ham Sarnie for Joshy. After complaining that if was different ham, when we bought it last week (it wasn’t!), he is now a big fan of the Coles honey roast type, which he’d actually had before at Julie’s house. Funny boy.
We actually took a trip over to Rick and Julie’s house in the afternoon to check the mail and that everything was still secure and okay.
Joshy asked if he could watch Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs again, so he did that while Deanne was making a chocolate cake and I was cooking tea, veggie roll and home made chips with veg’.
I’ve been trying to persuade Josh that he wants to go for a cycle tomorrow, but he’s not too sure after the last time he was out and fell off. Apart from that no’wt else planned for his last day off school. Will try and be home to Skype you in the afternoon.
I didn’t take any pictures today so you get another one from our trip to Freo yesterday.



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One response to “Another Lazy Sunday

  • Mum

    Hi Dan

    Your boy looked as though he really enjoyed his drink!!! I’m sure that you will think of something exciting for tomorrow.

    We had a good day at Druce – 10 visitors who wanted to try to dig, including three children – they all stayed for the whole day which I found amazing – your father would rather watch paint dry!!

    Another sizzler, it was 33 degrees on our ‘veranda’ this evening after tea, the hot weather is forecast to last all of this week. We ate (home-made) fish cakes and salad tonight followed by yonanas frozen bananas, strawberries and raspberries – it really hit the spot.

    I was up very early this morning (6am) so managed to do a huge amount of housework before I went out, did the ironing when I got back so I feel rather righteous!!!

    lots of love, mum xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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