Sunken Ships

Dear Mum,

Deanne popped out to Target this morning while Josh and I were getting ready. Joshua spent some time playing on the tablet because we were going out in the afternoon.

Bob arrived at about quarter past twelve, while we were just finishing off our little pizzas (bought bases with cheese and tomato sauce, then ham for Josh and sundried tomatoes for Deanne and I). After finishing off the cake she was making we jumped in our car and drove to Fremantle.

We found a parking space nearby then walked to the Shipwreck Museum. It was very good, with a small part of a recovered boat called the Batavia, which was a Dutch East India Company (VOC) ship which sank in 1629 about 400 KM north of Perth. I can’t remember if we took you there when you came over but if not we might have to go next time, as it’ll remind you a bit of the Mary Rose.

After leaving the museum we went to the café on the waterfront, the one with the big fish tanks in it. Joshua was melting down a bit as we got there, I think he needed something to eat but he recovered after having a babychino (warm milk and chocolate), half a chocolate éclair (I got the other half) and a stern word from his Mummy about his behaviour.

He watched Madagascar (the cartoon) when we got home and Deanne and I did some housework and then she made a roast and slice for tea.

No particular plans for tomorrow yet.



That's A Big Gun!

That’s A Big Gun!


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One response to “Sunken Ships

  • Mum

    Hi Dan Loved the pic!!! We didn’t visit the shipwreck museum …. please put it on the list!! I have however heard of the Batavia. We have recently been watching Coast – Australia – the last one was the coastline north of Perth. There were about six programmes – all very good. We may buy the DVD to watch at our leisure. We had another Druce Open Day today. It was very showery this morning but it didn’t deter our visitors – 90 of them trudged the mile up to the site. As lunchtime approached the rain (with thunder) got heavier and we decided to close the site down. As our last visitors got ready to go the sun appeared and the rest of the afternoon was blisteringly hot!!! We had M&S sweet and sour chicken for tea – yum!!! At Druce tomorrow but off Wednesday and Thursday although we have visitors to the site both days so I will have to make a special trip up there. Just spoke to Rich – did you finish his work?? I have received a gift of £30 for my kindle so I may choose and download some books tonight# Lots of love mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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