Rainbow Cat

Dear Mum,

I dropped Joshua off at daycare this morning, then went to get some cash out the bank and post a letter. I got home, did a couple of bits of housework then started doing some computing stuff.

I had leftover lasagne for lunch then mowed the lawn, as we still have Bob’s mower. Deanne got home at about four and we went to collect Joshua together then drove to Spud Shed and then Coles to buy fruit, veg’ and a few other bits and pieces for the next couple of weeks.

On the way back we stopped off at the library and dropped off a few books Deanne and Joshua had got out. Deanne had promised she was going to read some of the ones on our bookshelves but accidentally took out about another five books anyway. Josh got a Dinosaur A to Z and a one about prehistoric marine reptiles, which he read in the car on the way home. He asked me to turn round so I could look at the Pterygotas, which is a giant aquatic scorpion-y thing from his Walking with Monsters DVD.

We got chips on the way home as it was quite late so we couldn’t be bothered making tea (always seems to be the way when you’ve just been shopping!).

Bob is coming over tomorrow afternoon and we’re going to the Shipwreck Galleries in Fremantle, he’s also collecting his lawnmower, which explains my afternoon activities today!

The picture, plus the title I’ve given today’s post, is because we turned up to collect the boy from daycare and all the kids had been offered face painting. Joshua had decided to be a Rainbow Cat. We were really impressed because any time in the past that he had the chance he wasn’t at all keen on the idea, but today (I’m guessing partly because of peer pressure) he sat there very quietly and waited until the woman had finished. He was very impressed and told us he had been playing at being a Rainbow Cat and also a…kitten. It was very funny.

I took about four pictures in a row, the first two times he said “cheese”, then the third time he said “miaow”, which he thought was hilarious and started laughing, which is the picture I’ve attached.



Rainbow Cat

Rainbow Cat


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One response to “Rainbow Cat

  • Mum

    Hi Dan Rainbow cat is very handsome!!! Dad told me about Deanne’s facebook one where she told Josh not to be childish…. we have laughed ever since…… Back to work for me today, only eight of us out – and all experienced so it was excellent – got masses of work done. Tomorrow is our second (and last) Open Day, although we have a few groups booked in for tours around the villa over the next week or so. Dad is coming up to help. We are anticipating 100 or so, but showers are forecast so we will see. What ever, it will be a long day as we will leave home 8.30 ish and not get back until tea time. The hot spell continues… dad is even wearing shorts!!! Thunderstorms are on the agenda this evening – we certainly need a drop of rain. Its very odd, but throughout this hot spell I have been drinking loads of tea…in fact I am just about to put the kettle on for my evening cuppa!!! Lots of love mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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