5.954 KM

Dear Mum,

Kind of the last day of Joshua’s holiday today as he’s at daycare tomorrow. So I gave him the choice of what to do for the day.

We started off reading some books in bed, then playing with his car ramp and some wool, which he usually uses to make bead necklaces and bracelets with. He wrapped the wool around the ramp and then pushed some of the cars down it. This kept him amused for a while. Then it was time for a snack so he watched a bit of TV and ate some fruit and a yoghurt.

We got washed and dressed and then spent some time playing with the tablet which lasted us until close to lunch time.

After lunch he wanted to take his scooter to Bibra Lake park, so we headed out at around one-ish and started scootering! At first he only wanted to go to the local playground, but then decided to head on to the medium one, which is quite a way away. The picture is from where he told me he was too tired and had to take a break from scooting and have a lie down on the grass, after which we ran around there for a while. After the rest stop we drove on to the playground and played there for about twenty minutes, then he asked if it was okay to go to the big playground, a little further around the lake. So we headed on.

It was there that we bumped into a couple of the kids (one of which is called Joshua) and their mum from the pre-primary class next to Joshua’s at kindy, so she and I had a chat while Josh climbed all the way up to the top and slid down a number of times, after which he insisted that I join him.

We were more than half way round the lake at this point, so we struck on towards home, which meant that by the time we finished we had circumnavigated the entire 5.954 KM circumference of the lake. I was tired, I hate to think how the poor boy felt, although it wasn’t hard to tell because as soon as we got home he lay on the sofa, asked for Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs and just crashed there until tea was ready.

We had garlic bread with a lasagne Deanne made last weekend and froze. It was very nice.

As I say, tomorrow is daycare and I have a few things to do. I’ll try and Skype you some time soon.



Josh Resting

Josh Resting

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  • Mum

    Hi Dan You must have both been zonked after your mammoth tour around the lake (also very fit I guess) I’ve enjoyed my second day off – sat in the garden this afternoon and read (it was VERY hot), Have to pop down to Sainsbury’s to pick up some odds and ends. It’s back to the digging tomorrow until another two days off next Wed and Thurs. I’ll be kind of relieved when the season is over…then of course the whole thing needs to be written up. Love mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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